Born in Lisbon, Portugal, I was encouraged from a young age to explore beyond boundaries. This led to a solid education in my twin interests, science and art. Throughout my career I have pursued a broad range of professional experiences, working as a science illustrator and animator, teaching, and exhibiting in an assortment of settings.

In my work I strive to inform, engage and inspire experts and non-experts alike. Using different media I interpret scientific content visually to make complex processes and concepts more approachable and to raise an appreciation for nature and science. It is in me to enthusiastically embrace new professional challenges and continuously work to expand my skills.

My doctoral studies, a dive into digital media research in museum settings, brought multidisciplinary interests together – I got to combine technology with illustration, animation and experience design for the advacement of science communication. I am currently the associate manager of graphic production at National Geographic magazine.

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credit: Jays Fine Art Photography

Specializing in illustration, animation, infographics, and graphic design projects for museums, editorial and scientists. Proficient at teaching and leading outreach events for experts and the public.

  • Traditional Illustration
  • 2D and 3D Digital Illustration and Animation
  • Infographics and Graphic Design
  • Teaching and Outreach
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See the interview video produced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science about my work