3D modeling
3D modeling

3D modeling

These are some projects with 3D modeling, employing different software packages such as ZBrush, Maya and Blender.

Sculpted Tree Ant

The Sculpted Tree Ant (Cataulacus ebrardi) is commonly found in the Old World tropics, living in the canopy of trees. They nest in twig cavities and use their heavily armored heads to block the nest entrance holes. These ants exhibit directed gliding behavior: if falling from the tree they can orient themselves back to the trunk instead of getting lost on the ground.

The model was created as a visual description of this particular ant species studied by a myrmecologist at North Carolina State University. She uses the interactive model online as a reference to her work, and in conference presentations.

Media: digital
Client: myrmecologist (ant expert) at North Carolina State University

Micro-moth Genitalia

This 3D model of micro-moth genitalia was animated to feature in a lecture at a scientific conference. The genitalia of this species in the Tineidae family is unique for its asymmetry and assemblage of different parts, which the animation tries to convey. Genitalia are important identifying structures in insects, very often species can only be told apart by analyzing the structural differences in the reproductive organs.

Media: digital
Client: Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History – Entomology Department

Augmented Reality App Skin & Bones

See this page dedicated to all 3D models built for the Skin & Bones project and read more about the project here.