Textbook illustration

Selection of illustrations for a 7th-grade natural sciences textbook, including:

> schematic reconstructions of the evolution of life in two time periods, Precambrian–early Paleozoic and late Paleozoic–Cenozoic
> above and underwater representation of a marsh ecosystem
> underwater on a Paleozoic sea
> diagram of the Mercalli intensity scale
> representation of the weathering process through the seasons
> representation of the process of erosion
> representation of the process of fossilization

Media: digital
Client: Santillana Publisher – Planet Earth – 7th Grade Natural Sciences Textbook

Selection of illustrations for a 6th-grade biology textbook, including:

– diagram of the phagocytosis process
– schematics of the major human body systems
– diagram of the stomata in the upper and lower epidermis of a plant leaf
– flossing

Media: digital

Selection of illustrations created for a 10th-grade Biology textbook, including:

  • diagram of an animal cell
  • representation of a nucleotide molecule
  • diagram of the fluid mosaic model in the cell membrane structure
  • schematic of the process of breathing using tracheae

Media: digital
Client: Santillana Publisher – Planet With Life – 10th-grade Biology textbook