Me and My Body

The animation Me and My Body, commissioned by the Gulbenkian Science Institute was created as educational material to distribute online and be used in school curricula. It is an appealing and accurate way to learn about organs, cells and the different methods scientists use to study them.

The Portuguese version of the video (on this page is the English subtitled version) has had over 110,000 views on YouTube and received a lot of praise. The animation was distinguished with the First Prize for Educational Materials Category of the Ciencia en Acción Awards and the Judges Special Award from the House of Science. These are two prestigious awards: the first attributed to the best educational materials produced in Spanish or Portuguese speaking countries; and the second given to educational materials for their originality, quality, and teaching value by House of Science, a databank with lesson plans for teachers.

Media: digital
Client: Gulbenkian Foundation – Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência