Poster design

Poster design

This is a selection of poster design projects I worked on over the years:

Ar outreach events posters

These posters were created for Ar outreach events. Organized by the researchers and students of the Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme, the events were free and open to anyone interested in learning more about brain science, with subjects like Magic and Neuroscience, and Human 2.0.

Client: Champalimaud Foundation – Neuroscience Programme Ar

Gaia Hot Star Density Map

This map was created by Galaxy Map with data from the Gaia mission led by the European Space Agency. After getting the map and nebula images from the scientist, I designed the poster intended for distribution among early supporters of the project.

In this kind of galaxy mapping, star density is used by counting the number of stars per cubic parsec. It is in a way using Gaia data to do an MRI scan of the Milky Way to create contour lines as in topographic maps that show regions of common elevation.

Client: Galaxy Map