Brochure design

UMCure2020 Brochure

The UMCure2020 project is a European consortium dedicated to developing new therapeutic approaches to treat metastatic uveal melanoma. This rare form of eye cancer can be very invasive and up to 50% of patients develop metastases, most often in the liver. Unfortunately, the metastases remain very difficult, and often impossible, to treat. Commissioned by the Champalimaud Foundation, the Portuguese partner in the consortium, I worked on the brochure design and illustrations of this material to be distributed to patients and cancer specialists, in print and online formats. The brochure is available in multiple languages.

Media: digital
Client: Champalimaud Foundation

Forest Fires Brochure

This brochure focuses on the forest fires that recurrently affect central Portugal. It was part of a project led by the Forest Research Center and supported by the Observador newspaper that intended to generate research-based proposals to improve the safety of the populations and promote forest preservation. Learn more about the project here and download the complete brochure as a pdf here.

Media: digital
Client: Forest Research Center