COVID-19 pandemic graphicsCOVID-19 pandemic graphicsCOVID-19 pandemic graphics

COVID-19 pandemic graphics

This is a selection of COVID-19 pandemic graphics published by the National Geographic magazine.

The first graphic–included in the November 2020 issue dedicated entirely to the pandemic–presented one possible scenario for the distribution timeline of the COVID-19 vaccine. The timing of approval of the immunization products currently under test trials is uncertain amidst safety concerns. Once one or multiple vaccines are licensed the challenge of producing and distributing at a global scale is likely to be the most outstanding bottleneck. The online counterpart of this graphic story is found here (it may be behind a firewall).

The second graphic–a collaboration with graphic editor Riley Champine, included in the September 2020 issue–reveals the efforts led by multiple U.S. cities to control the flu pandemic of 1918. Historic data clearly shows a connection between the timing of implementation of social distancing measures and the mortality rate.