Electric Fishes Demonstration Lab

The Electric Fishes Demonstration Lab at the Amazonia House of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo is a multisensory lab home to a 5-foot-long electric eel, capable of generating up to 800 volts of electricity, and a number of other species of electric fishes. It was a pleasure to be involved with the development of this exhibition from its early stages and create a number of content pieces.
One of the most popular displays is a bronze life-sized model of an eel built as an approximation of a 3D digital model I created. When visitors hold the head and tail simultaneously, their bodies complete the electric circuit and the fish model vibrates. When the model is idle the screen above plays a video with real footage of the Amazon river basin; when the model is activated, an animation video plays illustrating the special anatomy of electric eels.
Elsewhere in the exhibition are panels with my illustrations and two additional animations that emphasize the differences between pulse and wave types of electric fishes.

Media: digital
Client: Smithsonian’s National Zoo