Hickory Horned Devil (gynandromorph) caterpillar

This Hickory Horned Devil caterpillar is the result of a cross of two species in the Citheronia genus and the separation in the colors and anatomical features between the two sides of the body could not be more striking – male on the left, female on the right! It is a very rare occurrence and individuals with part female and part male characteristics are called gynandromorphs.
The 3D model was commissioned by the entomologist who described the occurrence of the gynandromorph and is to be included in scientific publications and presentations. Here at the portfolio you can see an animated turntable video, but over at Sketchfab check out the model in a 3D viewer where it can be manipulated. Funny enough, this is the second 3D model of a Hickory Horned Devil Caterpillar that I have made, check out the holiday version of this very unique animal 🙂
The 2D illustrations of this specimen will soon be published (and added here).
Media: digital