How to kill a fish

“How to Kill a Fish” is an article written by Cat Ferguson for the online magazine Topic. With vivid descriptions and thought-provoking discussions, it talks about the current ways that wild-caught and farm-raised fish are killed before being shipped to supermarkets and restaurants.

“Most of the fish we eat die by asphyxiation, rendering their meat tough and flavorless. But there’s a better way, both for the fish and those who eat them.” The article presents the Japanese technique of Ike Jime, as a more humane dispatching method that is executed quickly resulting in less animal suffering and thus better fish quality and preservation.

Reading through the article after being commissioned to provide the illustrations, images of the Joy of Cooking culinary techniques immediately came to mind. However, rather than teaching knife skills and how to carve a turkey, these illustrations were imagined to evoke animal welfare with a slight sense of humor. Animated GIFs were the medium of choice, perfectly aligned with the tone of the magazine, and supporting the visual storytelling.

Make sure to read the full article here for the context of the illustrations, and enjoy the other articles on the same magazine issue dedicated to Animalia – “the relationship between humans and animals is both fascinating and fraught.”

Media: digital
Client: Topic magazine